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P. Frauenthaler, M. Sigwart, C. Spanring, S. Schulte:
"Advanced Cross-Chain Token Transfers";
Report for White Paper for PANTOS; Report No. Corpus ID: 218683012, 2020; 5 pages.

English abstract:
Known implementations for cross-blockchain token transfer do not provide mechanisms that prevent tokens from getting lost in transit. Ideally, such finalization mechanisms do not rely on a centralized authority in order to avoid undermining the blockchainīs general principle of decentralization.
In this paper, we present extensions for a cross-blockchain token transfer protocol to ensure that tokens in transit are eventually recreated on the destination blockchain and to provide transfer confirmations on both blockchains involved in the transfer in a fully decentralized manner. Further, we evaluate the proposed protocol extensions in terms of transfer cost and duration by transferring ERC20 tokens from Rinkeby to Ropsten.

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