D. Ritzberger, C. Hametner, S. Jakubek:
"A Real-Time Dynamic Fuel Cell System Simulation for Model-Based Diagnostics and Control: Validation on Real Driving Data";
ENERGIES, 13(12) (2020), 3148; S. ##.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Fuel cell systems are regarded as a promising candidate in replacing the internalcombustion engine as a renewable and emission free alternative in automotive applications. However,the operation of a fuel cell stack fulfilling transient power-demands poses significant challenges.Efficiency is to be maximized while adhering to critical constraints, avoiding adverse operationalconditions (fuel starvation, membrane flooding or drying, etc.) and mitigating degradation as toincrease the life-time of the stack. Owing to this complexity, advanced model-based diagnostic andcontrol methods are increasingly investigated. In this work, a real time stack model is presentedand its experimental parameterization is discussed. Furthermore, the stack model is integrated in asystem simulation, where the compressor dynamics, the feedback controls for the hydrogen injectionand back-pressure valve actuation, and the purging strategy are considered. The resulting systemsimulation, driven by the set-point values of the operating strategy is evaluated and validated onexperimental data obtained from a fuel cell vehicle during on-road operation. It will be shown howthe internal states of the fuel cell simulation evolve during the transient operation of the fuel cellvehicle. The measurement data, for which this analysis is conducted, stem from a fuel cell researchand demonstrator vehicle, developed by a consortium of several academic and industrial partnersunder the lead of AVL List GmbH.

real-time model; fuel cell system simulation; model-based control and diagnostics;experimental data; fuel cell vehicle

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