A. Kravos, D. Ritzberger, C. Hametner, S. Jakubek, T. Katrasnik:
"Methodology for efficient parametrisation of electrochemical PEMFC model for virtual observers: Model based optimal design of experiments supported by parameter sensitivity analysis";
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, (*) (2020), (*); S. ## - (*).

Kurzfassung englisch:
Determination of the optimal design of experiments that enables efficient parametrisationof fuel cell (FC) model with a minimum parametrisation data-set is one of the key pre-requisites for minimizing costs and effort of the parametrisation procedure. To efficientlytackle this challenge, the paper present an innovative methodology based on the electro-chemical FC model, parameter sensitivity analysis and application of D-optimal designplan. Relying on this consistent methodological basis the paper answers fundamentalquestions: a) on a minimum required data-set to optimally parametrise the FC model andb) on the impact of reduced space of operational points on identifiability of individualcalibration parameters. Results reveal that application of D-optimal DoE enablesenhancement of calibration parameters information resulting in up to order of magnitudelower relative standard errors on smaller data-sets. In addition, it was shown thatincreased information and thus identifiability, inherently leads to improved robustness ofthe FC electrochemical model.

PEM fuel cells, Electrochemical PEM FC, performance model, Model-based design of experiments, Reduced dimensionality models, Parameter sensitivity, Virtual observers

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