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W. Liu, S. Schwarz, M. Rupp, J. Tao:
"Block-wise Preamble Design in OQAM/FBMC Systems with Interference Cancellation";
IEEE Communications Letters, 25 (2021), 3; 1015 - 1018.

English abstract:
In this paper, we propose a novel complex-valued offset quadrature amplitude modulation based filter bank multicarrier (OQAM/FBMC) system with interference cancellation. Specifically, we construct the frame structure of OQAM/FBMC in a frequency-reversal form, where complex-valued symbols are transmitted repeatedly at paired symmetric subcarriers, with appropriate sign changes being inserted to achieve a complete self-cancellation of the intrinsic interference. Besides, we further present a block-wise preamble design method with frequency reversal to reduce the pilot overhead. The whole preamble is divided into multiple subblocks of equal size, each of which is optimally designed to provide a virtual boost of the pseudo-pilot power. Simulation results validate the effectiveness of the proposed complex-valued OQAM/FBMC and significant performance gains are demonstrated against conventional methods with the block-wise preamble design method.

OQAM/FBMC, frequency reversal, interference cancellation, preamble design.

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