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E. Abraham, E. Bartocci, B. Bonakdarpour, O. Dobe:
"Parameter Synthesis for Probabilistic Hyperproperties";
Talk: Proc. of LPAR 2020: the 23rd International Conference on Logic for Programming, Alicante, Spain (Virtual due to covid19); 2020-05-22 - 2020-05-27; in: "Proc. of LPAR 2020: the 23rd International Conference on Logic for Programming", (2020), 12 - 31.

English abstract:
In this paper, we study the parameter synthesis problem for probabilistic hyperproper- ties. A probabilistic hyperproperty stipulates quantitative dependencies among a set of executions. In particular, we solve the following problem: given a probabilistic hyperprop- erty ψ and discrete-time Markov chain D with parametric transition probabilities, compute regions of parameter configurations that instantiate D to satisfy ψ, and regions that lead to violation. We address this problem for a fragment of the temporal logic HyperPCTL that allows expressing quantitative reachability relation among a set of computation trees. We illustrate the application of our technique in the areas of differential privacy, probabilistic nonintereference, and probabilistic conformance.

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