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E. Bartocci, L. Bortolussi, M. Loreti, L. Nenzi, S. Silvetti:
"MoonLight: A Lightweight Tool for Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Properties";
Talk: Proc. of RV 2020: the 20th International Conference on Runtime Verification, Los Angeles, CA (Virtual); 2020-10-06 - 2020-10-09; in: "Proc. of RV 2020: the 20th International Conference on Runtime Verification", L. Nenzi (ed.); Springer, 12399 (2020), ISBN: 978-3-030-60507-0; 417 - 428.

English abstract:
We present MoonLight, a tool for monitoring temporal and spatio-temporal properties of mobile and spatially distributed cyber-physical systems (CPS). In the proposed framework, space is represented as a weighted graph, describing the topological configurations in which the single CPS entities (nodes of the graph) are arranged. Both nodes and edges have attributes modelling physical and logical quantities that can change in time. MoonLight is implemented in Java and supports the monitoring of Spatio-Temporal Reach and Escape Logic (STREL) introduced in [6]. MoonLight can be used as a standalone command line tool, as a Java API, or via Matlab TMinterface. We provide here some examples using the Matlab TMinterface and we evaluate the tool performance also by comparing with other tools specialized in monitoring only temporal properties.

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