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L. Nenzi, E. Bartocci, L. Bortolussi, M. Loreti, E. Visconti:
"Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Properties (Invited Tutorial)";
Talk: Proc. of RV 2020: the 20th International Conference on Runtime Verification, Los Angeles, CA (Virtual); 2020-10-06 - 2020-10-09; in: "Proc. of RV 2020: the 20th International Conference on Runtime Verification", Springer, 12399 (2020), ISBN: 978-3-030-60507-0; 21 - 46.

English abstract:
From the formation of traffic jams to the development of troublesome, whirlpool-like spirals in the heartīs electrical activity, spatio-temporal patterns are key in understanding how complex behaviors can emerge in a network of locally interacting dynamical systems. One of the most important and intriguing questions is how to specify spatio-temporal behaviors in a formal and human-understandable specification language and how to monitor their onset efficiently. In this tutorial, we present the spatio-temporal logic STREL and its expressivity to specify and monitor spatio-temporal behaviors over complex dynamical and spatially distributed systems. We demonstrate our formalismīs applicability to different scenarios considering static or dynamic spatial configurations and systems with deterministic or stochastic dynamics.

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