A. Gogyan, G. A. Kazakov, M Bober, M Zawada:
"Characterisation and feasibility study for superradiant lasing in 40Ca atoms";
Optics Express, 28 (2020), 5; S. 6881 - 6892.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Superradiant active clocks operating on narrow linewidth clock transitions are predicted to achieve precision orders of magnitude higher than any currently existing optical atomic clocks. We introduce a theory of superradiant lasing and implement it for the example of 40Ca atoms. The presented model, however, is valid for any two- or three-level system in an optical lattice. We perform a feasibility analysis and suggest a set of parameters for the experimental fulfillment of superradiant lasing in Ca. Moreover, we present an overview of different magic wavelengths for the 4s2 1S0 ↔ 4s4p 3P1 (mJ = 0) transition in Ca for different polarizations and a robustness analysis of these magic conditions. We also report the magic-zero wavelengths for the 4s4p 3P1, mJ = 0 state.

bad-cavity laser, superradiance, pulse

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