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W. Purgathofer:
"VR and Visualization in Industry";
Keynote Lecture: World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit, Nanchang (invited); 2020-10-19 - 2020-10-20.

English abstract:
We can argue why VR and AR will become more important: - Virtual and Augmented Reality are efficient forms of visualizing content for the human: they are immersive, 3 dimensional, interactive, natural, and easy to learn - Why did that not happen already? Simply because the technology was not ready, there were too many weaknesses. Now technology is ready! - And why is visualization important? Visualization is one fundamental pillar of modern computer science. - The human eyes carry 80-90% of all information input, images have the highest bandwidth (you know the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words) - And a visual summary of information makes it much easier to identify patterns and trends, and to analyze data communication easier and more efficient

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