M. Gebrezgiabher, Y. Bayeh, T. Gebretsadik, G. Gebreslassie, F. Elemo, N.T. Madhu, W. Linert:
"Lanthanide based single molecule magnets derived from Schiff base ligands of salicylaldehyde derivatives";
Inorganics (eingeladen), 8 (2020), 60; S. 1 - 40.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The breakthrough in Ln(III)-based SMMs with Schiff base ligands have been occurred for the last one decade on account of their magnetic behavior, anisotropy and relaxation pathways. Herein, we review the synthetic strategy, in structural point of view and magnetic properties of mono, di, tri and polynuclear Ln(III)-based single molecule magnets mainly with Schiff bases of Salicylaldehyde origin. Special attention has been given to some important breakthrough that are changing the perspective of this field with a special emphasis on slow magnetic relaxation. An overview of 50 Ln(III)-Schiff base complexes with SMM behavior, covering the period 2008-2020, which have been critical in understanding the magnetic interactions between the Ln(III)-centers, are presented and discussed in detail.

Lanthanides, Schiff Base, Synthetic Strategies, Single Molecule Magnets.

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