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M. Honic, I. Kovacic, I. Gilmutdinov, M. Wimmer:
"Scan-to-BIM for the semi-automated generation of a Material Passport for an existing building";
Talk: ICCCBE+CIB W78 2020 - The First Virtual Joint Conference on Computing and Information Technology in Civil and Building Engineering, São Paulo, Brazil (invited); 2020-08-18 - 2020-08-20; in: "Proceedings of the 37th International CIB W78 Conference 2020", online, 37 (2020), ISSN: 2706-6568; 338 - 346.

English abstract:
The construction sector has a large negative impact on the environment
due to its wasteful treatment of raw materials. To minimize the raw materials
consumption, increasing recycling rates through reusing or recycling materials in
existing stocks is of utmost importance. However, the main obstacle in the recycling
of existing building stocks is the lack of information about materials incorporated in
This work presents the ongoing research within the multidisciplinary research
project SCI_BIM, which received funding by the Austrian federal ministry of
transport, innovation and technology. Within this paper, the semi-automated
generation of an as-built BIM-Model for an existing building as well as the
generation of a Material Passport (MP) is tested. In order to obtain the geometry
and material information, laser scanners (geometry) and a Ground Penetrating
Radar (GPR, for materials) are used. Thereby, first, a semi-automated BIM-Model is
generated from the point cloud, which was obtained from the laser scans. Finally,
the material information obtained from the GPR is integrated into the BIM-Model
for the compilation of the MP.
First results show that the generation of the MP for the use case is possible, but
confronted with manual steps, such as integrating material information from
different sources (e.g. analysis of demolition experts). The results of this paper
should serve as a basis for the creation of a secondary raw materials cadastre in
order to enable recycling of valuable materials, thus supporting the achievement of
the EU goals 20-20-20.

Material Passport, Scan-to-BIM, Resources Efficiency, Urban Mining

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