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D. Braess, A. Pechstein, J. Schöberl:
"An Equilibration Based A Posteriori Error Estimate for the Biharmonic Equation and Two Finite Element Methods";
IMA J. Numer. Anal., 40 (2020), 2; 951 - 975.

English abstract:
We develop an a posteriori error bound for the interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin approximation of the biharmonic equation with continuous finite elements. The error bound is based on the two-energies principle and requires the computation of an equilibrated moment tensor. The natural space for the moment tensor is that of symmetric tensor fields with continuous normal-normal components, and is well-known from the Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson mixed formulation. We propose a construction that is totally local. The procedure can also be applied to the original Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson formulation, which directly provides an equilibrated moment tensor.

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