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M. Harvanek, R. Marsalek, J. Kral, T. Gotthans, J. Blumenstein, M. Pospischil, M. Rupp:
"Adjacent Channel Interference Cancellation in FDM Transmissions";
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I: Regular Papers, 67 (2020), 12; 5417 - 5428.

English abstract:
Interference between users in adjacent channelsnegatively affects throughput of mobile networks. In this paperwe aim at cancellation of interference caused by a nonlinearpower amplifier in a generalized orthogonal frequency divisionsystem. We propose an interference cancellation method tosubtract these out-of-band emissions from the received signal.In contrast to state-of-the-art methods, our proposed methodemploys over-the-air estimation of power amplifier model para-meters together with a particular frequency domain filteringmethod that allows to generate the required training data. Theproposed interference cancellation method is also verified by anexperiment on a software defined radio test bench.

Generalized frequency division multiplex,interference cancellation, nonlinear power amplifier, channelestimation error, out-of-band emission, over-the-air estimation

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