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W. Dvorak, S. Woltran:
"Complexity of abstract argumentation under a claim-centric view";
Artificial Intelligence, 285 (2020), 1 - 8.

English abstract:
Abstract argumentation frameworks have been introduced byDung as part of an argumentation process, where argumentsand conflicts are derived from a given knowledge base. It issolely this relation between arguments that is then used inorder to identify acceptable sets of arguments. A final stepconcerns the acceptance status of particular statements byreviewing the actual contents of the acceptable arguments.Complexity analysis of abstract argumentation so far has ne-glected this final step and is concerned with argument namesinstead of their contents, i.e. their claims. As we outline inthis paper, this is not only a slight deviation but can lead todifferent complexity results. We, therefore, give a compre-hensive complexity analysis of abstract argumentation undera claim-centric view and analyse the four main decision prob-lems under seven popular semantics. In addition, we also ad-dress the complexity of common sub-classes and introducenovel parameterisations - which exploit the nature of claimsexplicitly - along with fixed-parameter tractability results.

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