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S. Woltran:
"Computational Argumentation - Formal Models and Complexity Results";
Talk: CILC 2020, Rende, Italien (invited); 2020-10-13 - 2020-10-15; in: "Proceedings of the 35th Italian Conference on Computational Logic - {CILC} 2020, Rende, Italy, October 13-15, 2020", (2020), 1 - 2.

English abstract:
Argumentation is a communicative and interactional act aimedat resolving a difference of opinion. The last two decades have seen a for-mal and computational turn in argumentation theory with the goal toautomate different aspects of argumentation. This leads to several chal-lenges from an AI perspective, including efficient algorithms that need tobe designed to guarantee short response times of argumentation systems.In this talk, I first give a broad overview on the area of computationalargumentation and discuss shortcomings of current approaches. We thenidentify a particular leak in the popular argumentation-pipeline model,where conflict resolution is solely based on abstract arguments ratherthan on the arguments´ claims. I will introduce a new formal modelthat shifts the focus from arguments to claims and give a comprehensivecomplexity analysis of several argumentation semantics under this claim-centric view. In addition, the talk addresses the complexity of sub-classesand presents novel parameterizations which exploit the nature of claimsexplicitly along with fixed-parameter tractability results.

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