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W. Dvorak, A. Keshavarzi Zafarghandi, S. Woltran:
"Expressiveness of SETAFs and Support-Free ADFs Under 3-Valued Semantics";
Talk: COMMA 2020, Perugia, Italy; 2020-09-04 - 2020-09-11; in: "Computational Models of Argument - Proceedings of {COMMA} 2020, Perugia, Italy, September 4-11, 2020", (2020), 191 - 202.

English abstract:
Generalizing the attack structure in argumentation frameworks (AFs) has been studied in different ways. Most prominently, the binary attack relation of Dung frameworks has been extended to the notion of collective attacks. The resulting formalism is often termed SETAFs. Another approach is provided via abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs), where acceptance conditions specify the relation between arguments; restricting these conditions naturally allows for so-called support-free ADFs.

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Neue Werkzeuge für graphenbasierte formale Argumentation

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