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R. E. Climie, C. Mayer, R. M. Bruno:
"Vascular ageing biomarkers: are we ready for the hypertension guidelines?";
International Society of Hypertension - Hypertension News, 60 (2020), 6; 43 - 44.

English abstract:
43HYPERTENSION NEWSJUNE 2020YOUNG INVESTIGATORS:Vascular ageing biomarkers: are we ready for the hypertension guidelines?Vascular ageing refers to the age-related deterioration in vascular structure and function and is accelerated in the presence of cardiovascular risk factors. In an optimally functioning cardiovascular system, the elastic properties of the large arteries (i.e. aorta) ensure that pulsations in pressure and flow generated by left ventricular contraction are dampened so that less pulsatile pressure/flow are delivered at the microvascular level. However, the cushioning (elastic) properties of the large arteries are progressively lost over time. While age-related arterial damage typically appears in the fifth decade of life, there is wide variability between individuals, with some displaying early vascular ageing. This has led to the concept that vascular age, as opposed to chronological age, may be better related to the prognosis of CVD1, is the driving force behind age-related chronic disease in multiple organs, and is responsible for the largest proportion of disease burden worldwide2

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