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C. Aigner, M. Eder, R. Baranyi, T. Grechenig:
"recoverApp - A mobile health solution to support people in stationary rehabilitation";
Talk: Online Conference - SeGAH 8th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, Vancouver, Canada; 08-12-2020 - 08-14-2020; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE 8th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health", IEEE, (2020), ISBN: 978-1-7281-9043-3; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
Prolonged stays in hospitals or rehabilitation facilities can have negative psychological and physical effects on patients. Possible symptoms patients are suffering from are depression, reduced cognitive performance, feelings of loneliness, anger and aggressive behavior. Aforementioned issues can affect the general healing process of medical conditions the patient was hospitalized for in the first place. The authors are therefore proposing a concept for a mHealth solution entitled "recover-App", especially designed for supporting people in stationary rehabilitation. Its core features are intended to support patients overcome certain psychological problems that occur during prolonged periods of recovery by using concepts and interventions of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). "recoverApp" was designed based on a comprehensive state-of-the-art analysis and incorporated feedback from therapists to further refine it's main features. These include functions to track the patients mood, tasks, challenges and skills. It also provides the patient with a diary and an instant messaging feature to directly contact the treating therapist. The patient receives skill points by completing challenges and tasks or by simply entering diary entries. This gamification approach is used to enhance the engagement and acceptance of the mobile application.

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