Publications in Scientific Journals:

B. Hametner, H. Kastinger, S. Wassertheurer:
"Simulating re-reflections of arterial pressure waves at the aortic valve using difference equations";
Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 234 (2020), 11; 1243 - 1252.

English abstract:
Re-reflections of arterial pressure waves at the aortic valve and their influence on aortic wave shape are only poorly understood so far. Therefore, the aim of this work is to establish a model enabling the simulation of re-reflection and to test its properties. A mathematical difference equation model is used for the simulations. In this model, the aortic blood pressure is split into its forward and backward components which are calculated separately. The respective equations include reflection percentages representing reflections throughout the arterial system and a reflection coefficient at the aortic valve. While the distal reflections are fixed, different scenarios for the reflection coefficient at the valve are simulated. The results show that the model is capable to provide physiological pressure curves only if re-reflections are assumed to be present during the whole cardiac cycle. The sensitivity analysis on the reflection coefficient at the aortic valve shows various effects of re-reflections on the modelled blood pressure curve.

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