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D. Gaglione, G. Soldi, P. Braca, G. De Magistris, F. Meyer, F. Hlawatsch:
"Classification-aided multitarget tracking using the sum-product algorithm";
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 27 (2020), 1710 - 1714.

English abstract:
Multitarget tracking (MTT) is a challenging task that aims at estimating the number of targets and their states from measurements of the target states provided by one or multiple sensors. Additional information, such as imperfect estimates of target classes provided by a classifier, can facilitate the target-measurement association and thus improve MTT performance. In this letter, we describe how a recently proposed MTT framework based on the sum-product algorithm can be extended to efficiently exploit class information. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated by simulation results.

Multitarget tracking, probabilistic data association, sum-product algorithm, classification, factor graph

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