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K. Hollaus, M. Schöbinger:
"A Mixed Multiscale FEM for the Eddy-Current Problem With T, Φ-Φ in Laminated Conducting Media";
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 56 (2020), 4; 4 pages.

English abstract:
A novel mixed multiscale finite-element method for the eddy-current problem is presented to avoid the necessity of modeling each laminate of the core of electrical devices. The method is based on a current vector potential T and a reduced magnetic scalar potential (RMSP) Φ and copes with the 3-D problems. The edge effect is considered. Material properties are assumed to be linear. Hence, the method is developed for the frequency domain. External currents are represented by the Biot-Savart field serving as excitation. The planes of symmetry are exploited. Numerical simulations are presented, showing excellent accuracy at minimal computational costs.

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