M. Poik, D. Kohl, M. Mayr, C. Kerschner, G. Schitter:
"A Mechatronic Lock-In Amplifier: Integrating Demodulation in Sensor Electronics for Measuring Mechanical Oscillations";
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 70 (2020), S. 3606 - 3613.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The demodulation of mechanical oscillations is essential for the operation of micro -and nanometer scale transducer systems, such as resonant MEMS mirrors and cantileverbased sensors. The use of external demodulators, such as lock-in amplifiers and spectrum analyzers is not always desired due to their large size, complexity and cost. The method presented in this paper enables a simplified demodulation of the oscillation of mechanical oscillators with integrated deflection sensors. By configuring two deflection sensors in separate bridge circuits, which are supplied with in-phase and quadrature sinusoidal signals, the amplitude and phase of the mechanical oscillation can directly be measured without additional demodulation. The method is implemented and experimentally verified by demodulating the oscillation of a self-sensing Atomic Force Microscopy cantilever with integrated piezoresistive elements.

Demodulation, Lock-In Amplifier, Resonant sensor, Cantilever, AFM

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