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S. Bhore, R. Ganian, F. Montecchiani, M. Nöllenburg:
"Parameterized Algorithms for Book Embedding Problems";
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, 24 (2020), 4; 603 - 620.

English abstract:
A k-page book embedding of a graph G draws the vertices of G on a
line and the edges on k half-planes (called pages) bounded by this line,
such that no two edges on the same page cross. We study the problem of
determining whether G admits a k-page book embedding both when the
linear order of the vertices is xed, called Fixed-Order Book Thick-
ness, or not xed, called Book Thickness. Both problems are known to
be NP-complete in general. We show that Fixed-Order Book Thick-
ness and Book Thickness are xed-parameter tractable parameterized
by the vertex cover number of the graph and that Fixed-Order Book
Thickness is xed-parameter tractable parameterized by the pathwidth
of the vertex order.

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