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M. Nöllenburg:
"Crossing Layout in Non-planar Graph Drawings";
in: "Beyond Planar Graphs", issued by: Hong SH., Tokuyama T.; Springer, Singapore, 2020, ISBN: 978-981-15-6532-8, 187 - 209.

English abstract:
Edge crossings are a major obstruction for the readability of graph layouts as has been shown in several empirical studies. Yet, non-planar graphs are abundant in network visualization applications. Therefore, graph layout techniques are needed that optimize readability and comprehensibility of graph drawings in the presence of edge crossings. This chapter deals with aesthetic ideas for improving the appearance of crossings and presents alternative layout styles and algorithmic results that go beyond solely optimizing the crossing-number metric. In particular, we review edge casing in geometric graphs as a way to represent crossings, the slanted layout of crossings in orthogonal graph layouts, and minimizing bundled rather than individual crossings. Further, we look at concepts such as confluent graph layout and partial edge drawings, which both have no visible crossings.

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