L. Czollner, E. Papaplioura, T. Linder, R. Liu, Y. Li, A Atanasov, V. Dirsch, M. Schnürch, M.D. Mihovilovic:
"A silver‑coated copper wire as inexpensive drug eluting stent model: determination of the relative releasing properties of leoligin and derivatives";
Monatshefte für Chemie, - (2020).

Kurzfassung englisch:
Cardiovascular diseases are overall the leading cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Therefore, treating and preventing coronary heart disease are of high scientifc interest. Among several percutaneous coronary intervention procedures,
coronary artery stenting displayed potent activity against restenosis, often observed using other invasive therapies. Nowadays, drug eluting stents´ superiority over bare metal stents is increasingly recognizable, since drug eluting stents are able
to overcome problems encountered with bare metal stent technology. Within this study, we developed a novel method for
performing drug-releasing experiments utilizing an afordable stent model made from a readily available silver-coated copper
wire, which was further coated with poly(n-butyl methacrylate). Leoligin, previously reported to inhibit intimal hyperplasia
and the regrowth of endothelial cells, was exploited along with several structural analogs in drug-releasing experiments. It
was found that compounds exhibiting similar biological activity can have significantly diferent releasing properties, a crucial
parameter to know for the selection of compounds for in vivo studies.

Drug eluting stent · Cardiovascular disease · Leoligin · Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation inhibition

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