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Y. Hu, R. Licandro, A. Noble, J. Hutter, S. Aylward, A. Melbourne, E. Turk, J. Torrents Barrena et al. (ed.):
"Medical Ultrasound, and Preterm, Perinatal and Paediatric Image Analysis";
Springer International Publishing, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020, 2020, ISBN: 978-3-030-60333-5; 345 pages.

English abstract:
The application of sophisticated analysis tools to fetal, neonatal, and paediatric imagingdata is of interest to a substantial proportion of the MICCAI community. It has gainedadditional interest in recent years with the successful large-scale open data initiatives,such as the developing Human Connectome Project, the Baby Connectome Project, andthe NIH-funded Human Placenta Project. These projects enable researchers withoutaccess to perinatal scanning facilities to bring in their image analysis expertise anddomain knowledge. Advanced medical image analysis allows the detailed scientificstudy of conditions such as prematurity, and the study of both normal singleton andtwin development, in addition to less common conditions unique to childhood. Thisworkshop will complement the main MICCAI 2020 conference by providing a focuseddiscussion of perinatal and paediatric image analysis that is not possible within themain conference.It provides a focused platform for the discussion and dissemination of advancedimaging techniques applied to young cohorts.Emphasis is placed on novel methodological approaches to the study of, forinstance, volumetric growth, myelination and cortical microstructure, and placentalstructure and function. Methods will cover the full scope of medical image analysis:segmentation, registration, classification, reconstruction, atlas construction, tractogra-phy, population analysis, and advanced structural, functional, and longitudinal mod-eling, with an application to younger cohorts or to the long-term outcomes of perinatalconditions.Challenges of image analysis techniques as applied to the preterm, perinatal, andpaediatric setting are discussed, which are confounded by the interrelation between thenormal developmental trajectory and the influence of pathology. These relationshipscan be quite diverse when compared to measurements taken in adult populations andexhibit highly dynamic changes affecting both image acquisition and processingrequirements.

Paediatric Imaging, Fetal Imaging, Preterm, Longitudinal, MRI, ultrasound

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