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P. Knees:
"Neutrality and Fairness in Music Recommendation: A Matter of Digital Humanism";
Talk: Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology Seminar Series, Georgia Institute of Technology (invited); 2020-08-31.

English abstract:
Music recommenders have become a commodity for music listeners. In practice, the task of music recommendation is a multi-faceted task, serving multiple stakeholders. Besides the music listener and the publishers of the music, the service itself as well as other branches of the music industry are affected. In this talk, I will discuss the multiple aspects and stakeholders present in the process of music recommendation. I will further discuss possible impacts on academic research in this area, foremost regarding the questions of fairness, neutrality, and potential biases in datasets and illustrate aspects that should be taken into consideration when developing music recommender systems. Finally, I will link these discussions to the ongoing initiative of digital humanism that deals with the complex relationship between humans and machines.

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