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A. Schumacher, W. Sihn:
"Development of a Monitoring System for Implementation of Industrial Digitalization and Automation using 143 Key Performance Indicators";
Procedia CIRP, 93 (2020), 1310 - 1315.

English abstract:
Industrial Digitalization and Automation (DA), promoted through new production paradigms such as Industry 4.0 currently dominates the strategy agendas of industrial companies. However, practitioners report various problems while implementing DA into their organizations work-routines. We find underlying problems in missing operational monitoring systems to assess and control the DA-implementation status. We therefore propose a holistic monitoring system using 143 developed DA-implementation key performance indicators in nine dimensions. Moreover, we integrate the monitoring system into a continuous improvement approach following the PDCA-circle. First applications show increased objectivity during initial KPI-status assessments, higher acceptance of defined KPI-target-states and increased alignment during definition of future DA-projects.

Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Automation, Key Performance Indicator, Maturity Assessment

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