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P. Knees, Z. Gan (Hrg.):
"The ACM Multimedia 2020 Interactive Arts Exhibition: Human and AI Generated Multimedia";
GitHub, 2020.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Multimedia research integrates the multiple perspectives of digital modalities including images, text, music, video, sensor data, or spoken audio. As a long-standing tradition, the Interactive Arts Exhibition of ACM Multimedia is presenting work addressing the artistic side of these perspectives. In 2020, the exhibition has a focus on "Human and AI Generated Multimedia". Mirroring the recent developments in generative approaches for all modalities of multimedia, we present artworks showcasing interactions of humans and machines with human and automatically created digital content, highlighting and reflecting upon creativity, discovery, and critical thinking on every aspect involved. Artworks deal with fusions, intersections, transformations, and paradigm shifts of human and AI generated technologies; they provoke contemplation, address contemporary issues, and interactively engage viewers in discovery and stimulate intellectual adventure and creativity.

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