B. Tscherkes, O. Diachok, S. Myroniuk, Z. Matsyshyna, S. Volska, O. Kolodrubska:
"Modern Church Architecture in East Galicia as a Search for New Forms and National Style";
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 960 (2020), 7 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The article highlights some of the results of the scientific work on the study of sacral
architecture in Western Ukraine, conducted by the Institute of Architecture and Design of Lviv
Polytechnic National University in conjunction with the Department of Fine Arts and Design
of Volodymyr Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University. The purpose of the article is
to investigate the process of revival of sacral construction in the territory of East Galicia and to
determine the role of the leading Ternopil architects in this process. It has been established that
due to the long-term ban of temple construction by communist regime, sacral construction
skills have been lost in Ukraine, as in other post-Soviet countries. The task was complicated by
the low technological level of the construction industry. Architects and builders often had to
experimentally revive construction techniques to create vaults, domes, sails and other
architectural elements that were widely used in the creation of temples. Therefore, the first
sacral buildings on the territory of the region were marked by a tendency to reproduce forms
and images that historically took place at the end of 19-th - beginning of 20-th centuries. The
process of transition from the tendency of reproduction of historical forms and images of
Ukrainian sacral architecture of the late 19-th - early 20-th centuries to modern experiments in
the construction of temples is traced. An analysis of the creativity of the leading Ternopil
architects showed that many of them were involved in this process. Using national heritage in
architecture, architects have become actively involved in the world's processes of cultural
development and in the search for Ukrainian identity in temple architecture. Usually, using
traditional plans in the form of an elongated cross at the request of parish customers, architects
after 1995 design modern buildings, the image of which is in harmony with the new trends in
world sacral architecture. For the first time, data about some modern architects of Ternopil and
new major temples in the territory of the region, created by their projects, have been introduced
into the scientific circulation. Thus, the architecture of Ukrainian temples reflects ancient
national traditions in combination with contemporary world trends in temple building.

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