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U. Mehmood, S. Stoller, R. Grosu, S. Roy, A. Damare:
"A Distributed Simplex Architecture for Multi-Agent Systems";
ArXiv, . (2020), 17 pages.

English abstract:
We present Distributed Simplex Architecture (DSA), a new
runtime assurance technique that provides safety guarantees for multiagent
systems (MASs). DSA is inspired by the Simplex control architecture
of Sha et al., but with some signi cant di erences. The traditional
Simplex approach is limited to single-agent systems or a MAS with a
centralized control scheme. DSA addresses this limitation by extending
the scope of Simplex to include MASs under distributed control. In
DSA, each agent has a local instance of traditional Simplex such that the
preservation of safety in the local instances implies safety for the entire
MAS. We provide a proof of safety for DSA, and present experimental
results for several case studies, including
ocking with collision avoidance,
safe navigation of ground rovers through way-points, and the safe
operation of a microgrid.

Runtime assurance Simplex architecture Control Barrier Functions Distributed ocking Reverse switching.

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