A. dos Santos, R. Heydenreich, C. Derntl, A. Mach-Aigner, R.L. Mach, G. Ramer, B. Lendl:
"Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics Enable Detection of Intracellular Protein Distribution";
Analytical Chemistry, 92 (2020), 24; S. 15719 - 15725.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Determination of the intracellular location of proteins is one of the fundamental tasks of microbiology. Conventionally, label-based microscopy and super-resolution techniques are employed. In this work, we demonstrate a new technique that can determine intracellular protein distribution at nanometer spatial resolution. This method combines nanoscale spatial resolution chemical imaging using the photothermal-induced resonance (PTIR) technique with multivariate modeling to reveal the intracellular distribution of cell components. Here, we demonstrate its viability by imaging the distribution of major cellulases and xylanases in Trichoderma reesei using the colocation of a fluorescent label (enhanced yellow fluorescence protein, EYFP) with the target enzymes to calibrate the chemometric model. The obtained partial least squares model successfully shows the distribution of these proteins inside the cell and opens the door for further studies on protein secretion mechanisms using PTIR.

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