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R. Kallosh, A. Linde, C. Roupec:
"Mass Production of IIA and IIB dS Vacua";
Journal Of High Energy Physics, 02 (2020), 063.

English abstract:
We describe several applications of the mass production procedure proposed in [1] to stabilize multiple moduli in a dS vacuum, in supergravity models inspired by string theory. The construction involves a small downshift of an initial supersymmetric Minkowski minimum to a supersymmetric AdS minimum, and a consequent small uplift to a dS minimum. Our type IIA examples include dS stabilization in a 7-moduli model with [SL(2, ℝ)]^7 tree level symmetry, and its simplified version, a 3-moduli STU model. In these models, we use uplifting anti-D6 branes. In type IIB models, we present 2- and 3-moduli examples of stable dS vacua in CY three-folds, with an uplifting anti-D3 brane. These include K3 fibration models, a CICY model and a multi-hole Swiss cheese model. We also address the issue whether this procedure is limited to a very small parameter range or if large deviations from the progenitor Minkowski vacuum are possible.

de Sitter vacua, supergravity

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