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P. Atzeni, L. Bellomarini, M. Iezzi, E. Sallinger, A. Vlad:
"Weaving Enterprise Knowledge Graphs: The Case of Company Ownership Graphs";
Talk: EDBT/ICDT 2020 Joint Conference, Kopenhagen, Dänemark; 2020-03-30 - 2020-04-02; in: "Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Extending Database Technology, {EDBT} 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 30 - April 02, 2020", (2020), 555 - 566.

English abstract:
Motivated by our experience in building the Enterprise Knowl-edge Graph of Italian companies for the Central Bank of Italy, inthis paper we present an in-depth case analysis of company own-ership graphs, graphs having company ownership as a centralconcept. In particular, we study and introduce three industriallyrelevant problems related to such graphs: company control, asseteligibility and detection of personal links. We formally charac-terize the problems and presentVada-Link, a framework basedon state-of-the-art approaches for knowledge representation andreasoning. With our methodology and system, we solve the prob-lems at hand in a scalable, model-independent and generalizableway. We illustrate the favourable architectural properties ofVada-Linkand give experimental evaluation of the approach.

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