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D. Hauer, D. Ratasich, L. Krammer, A. Jantsch:
"A Methodology for Resilient Control and Monitoring in Smart Grids";
Talk: 2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), Buenos Aires; 2020-02-26 - 2020-02-28; in: "2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT)", IEEE, (2020), ISSN: 2643-2978; 589 - 594.

English abstract:
The increasing importance of decentralized and volatile energy sources causes huge challenges for future energy grids. Besides intelligent grid planning, real-time monitoring and control is necessary to guarantee reliable and sustainable grid operation. The basis for such applications is dependable monitoring of the grid. This paper introduces a methodology for resilient control and monitoring. A self-healing algorithm ensures that the system can operate even when monitoring devices or connections fail. Based on that, a model-free context-aware monitoring algorithm allows for detection of anomalies, drift and, in general, undesired conditions. These core components are embedded in a scaleable system architecture that allow for easy integration even in existing systems.

fault-tolerance, smart grids, dependable systems, context-aware monitoring, internet of things

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