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M. Zeiner, U. Schmid:
"Upper and Lower Bounds for the Synchronizer Performance in Systems with Probabilistic Message Loss";
Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 23 (2020), 3; 1023 - 1056.

English abstract:
In this paper, we revisit the performance of the α-synchronizer in distributed systems with probabilistic message loss as introduced in Függer et al. [Perf. Eval. 93(2015)]. In sharp contrast to the infinite-state Markov chain resp. the exponential-size finite-state upper bound presented in the original paper, we introduce a polynomial-size finite-state Markov chain for a new synchronizer variant 𝛼′, which provides a new upper bound on the performance of the α-synchronizer. Both analytic and simulation results show that our new upper bound is strictly better than the existing one. Moreover, we show that a modified version of the 𝛼′-synchronizer provides a lower bound on the performance of the α-synchronizer. By means of elaborate simulation results, we show that our new lower bound is also strictly better than the lower bound presented in the original paper.

Distributed systems, Synchronizer, Performance analysis, Probabilistic message loss, Markov chain

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