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A. Ipp, D. Mueller:
"Progress on 3+1D Glasma simulations";
European Physical Journal A, 56 (2020), 9; 243 - 243-9.

English abstract:
We review our progress on 3+1D Glasma simulations to describe the earliest stages of heavy-ion collisions. In our simulations we include nuclei with finite longitudinal extent and describe the collision process as well as the evolution of the strongly interacting gluonic fields in the laboratory frame in 3+1 dimensions using the colored particle-in-cell method. This allows us to compute the 3+1 dimensional Glasma energy-momentum tensor, whose rapidity dependence can be compared to experimental pion multiplicity data from RHIC. An improved scheme cures the numerical Cherenkov instability and paves the way for simulations at higher energies used at LHC.

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Project Head Andreas Ipp:

Project Head Andreas Ipp:
Quark-Gluon-Plasma Dynamik mit Colored-Particle-in-Cell Simulationen

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