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A. Ipp, D. Mueller, D. Schuh:
"Jet momentum broadening in the pre-equilibrium Glasma";
Physics Letters B, 810 (2020), 135810 - 135810-5.

English abstract:
Jets are important probes of heavy ion collisions as they can provide information on the interaction of a highly energetic parton with the medium it traverses. In the hydrodynamic stage of dense, strongly interacting matter, these interactions can be explained in terms of scattering processes, soft gluon emission and collinear parton splittings. However, jets originate even before the hydrodynamic stage. Here we report on the first numerical simulation of transverse momentum broadening of jets stemming from the interaction of partons with boost-invariantly expanding Glasma flux tubes. The Glasma stage is a pre-hydrodynamic stage based on the Color Glass Condensate framework. Our calculation shows strong time-dependence and an intrinsic anisotropy of momentum broadening in the directions transverse to the jet propagation direction.

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