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M. Oikonomou, C Luchsinger:
"Conversion Area Eleonas, Athens. Urban Transformation Projects within the Framework of the Urban Design Studio at Vienna University of Technology";
Talk: 9th Annual International Conference on Urban Studies & Planning, Athen, Griechenland; 2019-06-03; in: "Abstract Book 9th Annual International Conference on Urban Studies & Planning, 3-6 June 2019, Athens, Greece", (2019), ISBN: 978-960-598-256-0; 36.

English abstract:
Eleonas district - originally an olive grove - is the infrastructural 'digestion apparatus` of Athens, located in the immediate proximity of the historical center and a gigantic conversion area in the time horizon of the next five to twenty years. The task of the Urban Design Studio was to develop and present scenarios for this transformation based on synthetic thinking and action. The whole project is related to a cooperation agreement between the cities of Vienna and Athens. Students were expected to develop both provocative and insightful approaches on Eleonas today`s challenges, pressures, potential and complex circumstances in order to lead the way to change and decision.
The final outcome of the first two semesters (Winter Semester 2017-18 and Summer Semester 2018) was the development of ideas and proposals based on the various characteristics of Eleonas, taking also into consideration the existing plans and strategies of the different municipalities.
The goal of the final semester (Winter Semester 2018/19) was to bring together the previous work into a compact and applicable ‗synthesis plan`/ ‗composition`/ ‗set of strategies' for Eleonas. Our students elaboratet in one compact team in order to propose a new dynamic and desirable vision with a forward-thinking concept, flexible urban strategies and specific guidelines/remarks.
This paper introduces the working process and the final results in order to bring Eleonas` issues in the discourse between politics, the city (public and authorities) and the university.

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