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D. Winkler, S. Biffl:
"Christian Doppler Laboratory on Security and Quality Improvement in the Production Systems Life Cycle";
Poster: Software Engineering 2020, Innsbruck; 2020-02-24 - 2020-02-28; in: "GI Edition Proceedings Band 300 "Software Engineering 2020"", GI, (2020), ISBN: 978-3-88579-694-7; 221 - 223.

English abstract:
The size and complexity of software components in production systems engineering,
such as manufacturing plants or automation systems, requires effective and efficient approaches
for security and quality improvement. In industrial practice, engineers from different disciplines,
such as electrical, mechanical, and software disciplines typically follow a plan-driven and sequential
engineering process approach with parallel engineering activities within a heterogeneous set of
methods and tools. Therefore, major challenges concern (a) insufficient data exchange capabilities
between disciplines, (b) a lack of consistency evaluation capabilities across disciplines, tools, and
engineering phases, (c) insufficient knowledge representation and exchange between disciplines
and project stakeholders and (d) limited security considerations. The goal of the Christian Doppler
Laboratory on Security and Quality Improvement in the Production Systems Life Cycle (CDL-SQI) is
to address these challenges in cooperation with industry partners in the production systems domain.
We build on requirements and use case explorations at industry partners and on best-practices from
Business Informatics to develop concepts and prototype solutions for the target domain and evaluate
these concepts and prototypes in close collaboration with industry partners. We derive requirements,
use cases, and test data from industry and provide concepts and prototypes to the industry partner and
to related scientiĄc communities.

Production Systems Engineering; Software and Systems Engineering; Security; Quality; Engineering Process Improvement; Testing; Variability Management; Software Models

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