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P. Frauenthaler, M. Sigwart, C. Spanring, M. Sober, S. Schulte:
"ETH Relay: A Cost-efficient Relay for Ethereum-based Blockchains";
Talk: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Blockchain (Blockchain 2020) - Online Conference, Rhodes Island, Greece; 2020-11-02 - 2020-11-06; in: "Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Blockchain (Blockchain 2020)", IEEE, (2020), ISBN: 978-0-7381-0496-6; 204 - 213.

English abstract:
Current blockchain relay schemes require the immediate validation of each relayed block header by the destination blockchain. This leads to high operating cost when deploying these relays between Ethereum-based blockchains where validating block headers on-chain is computationally expensive. To overcome these limitations, we introduce a novel relay scheme that employs a validation-on-demand pattern combined with economic incentives to reduce the cost of operating a relay between Ethereum-based blockchains by up to 92%. With this relay scheme, decentralized interoperability between blockchains like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic becomes feasible.

blockchain interoperability, cross-blockchain communication, blockchain relay, simplified payment verification

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