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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Digitalisation is a complex whole systems challenge - human skills are essential";
Keynote Lecture: Online Conference: Digitalize in Stockholm, Stockholm (invited); 2020-11-10.

English abstract:
It seems to have taken a pandemic to create societal transformations in the uptake of technologies to support new forms of work, education, social connectivity, health care, etc. Interestingly, many of these `transformations´ have been under development since the 1990s or so, but without wide impact. One explanation can be the narrow focus on technology per se and not understanding that putting technology to work is a complex whole systems challenge. If we are to learn from this to create more considered digital futures, we need to move beyond disembodied accounts of technical, or even socio-technical, challenges to see the people at the centre addressing these challenges. Good technical skills are necessary but not sufficient. The essential skills will be fundamental human skills (social-emotional-ethical intelligences) to engage across disciplines, with multiple stakeholders, addressing different levels of concerns, negotiating diverse impacts, and so on.

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