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E. Gröller:
"Visual Analytics in Radiation Therapy Planning";
Talk: Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre (MMIV), Bergen (invited); 2020-05-15.

English abstract:
Visual analytics concerns analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces. Radiation therapy is a complex treatment approach that requires careful planning. Visual analytics and visual computing are supportive in the entire radiation therapy workflow. After a brief survey on the workflow, concrete examples about radiation therapy planning for pelvic organs will be treated in detail. One example discusses visual analytics for the exploration of radio-therapy-induced bladder toxicity in a cohort study. Clinical researchers want to correlate bladder shape variations to dose deviations and toxicity risk through cohort studies, to understand which specific bladder shape characteristics are more prone to side effects. In another example the pelvic organ variability in a cohort of radiotherapy patients is visualized. The application addresses the global exploration and analysis of pelvic organ shape variability in an abstracted tabular view and the local exploration and analysis thereof in anatomical 2D/3D views, where comparative and ensemble visualizations are integrated. Research challenges and directions are sketched at the end of the talk.

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