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E. Gröller:
"Medicinae Notitia Visibilis Fac - Quo Vadis?";
Talk: IEEE Vis 2020 Application Spotlight (virtual): Recent Challenges in Medical Visualization, Salt Lake City (invited); 2020-10-29.

English abstract:
Medical Visualization is a scientific field that takes advantage of human vision and perception to amplify cognition and gain insight in (complex) medical data. The interdisciplinarity and the diversity of stakeholders and their greatly varying expertises and expectations, make it a demanding area with many overlapping, but distinct domains. Collaboration and communication is challenged by: "Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt" (Ludwig Wittgenstein). This talk reflects on the feedback from an ad hoc and random sampling of my professional network with comments, e.g., from basic and applied visual and medical computing experts, commercial developers of medical software, clinical researchers and practitioners.

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