G. Futschek, C. Weninger:
"Are widely used security systems inadequate?";
IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 25 (1992), 30; S. 225 - 229.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The aim of any security system is the prevention of unauthorized access to or use of data or programs. To circumvent any security measure specific knowledge about the functionality of the attacked system is essential. Since the information on the functionality of popular and widely used computer systems is accessible. these systems are the primary target for security attacks. The usually higher effectiveness (e.g. cost. compatibility. reliability etc.) of widespread systems is decreased by loss of security. Consider e.g. the widespread PCs and the enormous security efforts that are required to prevent virus infection and to recover data. A dynamic model was created to calculate the correlation between security. effectiveness and the degree of distribution. It shows that it is better to provide specific security systems for each user. even if these systems are relatively simple. than to provide all users with a single very sophisticated system.

data security. security systems. trusted systems. computer viruses. virus epidemology

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