M. Campos Gomez, J.M. Torralba, R. de Oro Calderon, E. Bernardo Quejido, A. Galan-Salazar:
"New Opportunities for Low Alloy Steels-Master Alloys for Liquid Phase Sintering";
Metals, 11 (2021), 1: 176; S. 1 - 21.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The Master-alloy (MA) alloy route to promote a liquid phase during sintering has great
potential to reduce costs in low alloyed sintered steels, meanwhile enabling the introduction of innovative alloy systems with Cr, Mn and Si. However, in order to successfully modify the performance
of steels, multi requirements must be met, including, for example, solubility with the base material,
compatibility with the usual sintering atmospheres, homogeneous distribution of the powdered
master alloy in the material and the control of secondary porosity. Efforts have been made to properly
design the composition of MA, to identify the reducing agents and to understand how they affect the
wetting and liquid spreading all over the sintered part. This work reviews these key aspects for the
efficient development of steels and explores the possibility to achieve a composition that can act as
liquid former or as sinter braze adapting its use to the component requirement.

: liquid phase sintering; master alloys; wettability; surface energy; sintered low alloyed steels

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