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V. Filipov, V. Schetinger, K. Raminger, N. Soursos, S. Zapke, S. Miksch:
"Gone full circle: A radial approach to visualize event-based networks in digital humanities";
Visual Informatics, 5 (2021), 1; 45 - 60.

English abstract:
Event-based networks, Information visualization, Digital humanities",
abstract = "In the application domain of digital humanities network visualization is increasingly being used to conduct research as the main interests of the domain experts lie in exploring and analyzing relationships between entities and their changes over time. Visualizing the dynamics and different perspectives of such data is a non-trivial task but it enables researchers to explore connections between disparate entities and investigate historical narratives that emerge. In this paper we present Circular, an interactive exploration environment to visualize event-based networks and support research in digital humanities through visualization of historical subjects in space and time. Our radial design is the result of iterative collaboration with domain experts, and we discuss the process of collaborative development and exploration of public music festivities in Vienna as an example of immersive development methodology. We validate our approach by means of both domain and visualization expert interviews and show the potential of this approach in supporting the visual exploration of historical subjects. We discuss our design rationales, visual encodings, and interactions as to allow the reproducibility of this approach within a framework of transdisciplinary collaboration with digital humanities.

Event-based networks, Information visualization, Digital humanities

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