M. Zauner, P. Mandl, C. Hametner, O. König, S. Jakubek:
"Flatness-Based Discrete-Time Control of a Battery Emulator Driving a Constant Power Load";
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, 9 (2021), 6; S. 6864 - 6874.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper, a new method for controlling battery
emulators in the shape of bidirectional step-down converters driving
constant power loads (CPL) is presented. The CPL introduces
nonlinear behavior into the system and causes unstable system
dynamics. This property and the discontinuity introduced by
the switches makes it challenging to develop a suitable control
strategy. Usually, switching frequencies are assumed to be fast
enough for the controller to neglect the fact that the switches are
either on or off. As the desired dynamics of the system approaches
the switching frequency of the converter, the discontinuity of
the switches can no longer be ignored and the controller has
to generate a suitable piecewise constant control input. A novel
approach for arriving at a piecewise constant control input is
presented and compared to state of the art approaches. The
advantages of the new control method are demonstrated with
simulations as well as measurements from a hardware-in-theloop

constant power load (CPL), DC-DC stepdown converter, discretization, flatness-based control, trajectory generation

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