E. Kiesling, A. Tjoa, F. Ekaputra, U. Herbig:
"A Linked Data Platform for Trans-disciplinary Research on the Transformation of Traditional Architecture in Indonesia";
Journal of Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture, 10 (2017), S. 42 - 46.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Traditional Indonesian architecture provides rich opportunities for trans-disciplinary research, integrating the heterogeneous perspectives, terminology, theoretical frameworks, and research methodologies of various disciplines. The trans-disciplinary research projects envisioned in the Tra2in initiative necessitate technical means for sharing data in a meaningful manner, adequate data management practices, new collaborative models, and a change in research culture. This position paper proposes a Linked Open Data approach towards building a data infrastructure that supports trans-disciplinary research. In particular, we outline the high-level vision for a Linked Data infrastructure that will lay the foundations for innova- tive models of collaborative research in the domain of traditional Indonesian architecture and beyond.

Linked Open Data, Trans-disciplinary research, Research Data Management, Digital humani- ties, Open Science

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