D. Wertjanz, E. Csencsics, G. Schitter:
"3 DoF Vibration Compensation Platform for Robot-Based Precision Inline Measurements on Free-Form Surfaces";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, (2021).

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents a three DoF MAGLEV vibration compensating measurement platform (MP) with arbitrary operation orientation for robot-based surface inspection of free-forms. The MP design comprises an internal position sensor system which is used in feedback control to maintain a free-floating position in six DoFs with respect to its supporting frame when approaching a sample (stabilization mode). In addition, the integrated design includes three tracking sensors measuring the position of the MP to a sample surface. The entire system can be mounted as an end effector of an industrial robot with the MP carrying a desired measurement tool. Disturbing environmental vibrations are actively compensated by maintaining a constant position of the MP with respect to a sample surface (tracking mode). The control design includes SISO position controllers for all DoFs, achieving a bandwidth of about 130Hz. By means of a cross-fading error gain, an efficient control transition between stabilization and tracking mode is enabled. A vibrating target is used to evaluate the vibration compensation performance of the tracking module for standardized floor vibration profiles. Attenuation between -35 and -20dB for out-of-plane vibrations below 40Hz is achieved. In the time domain, vibration profiles with 15.7μm rms and 95μrad rms are reduced to 1.6μm rms and 21μrad rms, respectively.

Vibrations , Robots , Vibration measurement , Position measurement , IP networks , Robot sensing systems , Target tracking

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